1. You are engaging with qualified dietitians and clinical nutritionists. While we provide diet and nutrition advice following a thorough health assessment, it is important to note that this advice is not intended to replace or substitute the expertise of a physician or medical doctor.

2. Our services aim to support positive changes in your life. Our commitment requires time and expertise, which we charge for. We expect mutual respect and understanding regarding the investment involved. Payment for our services does not establish any form of indebtedness or entitlement.

3. The success of our efforts depends on our collective sincerity. We are dedicated to delivering our best, and we encourage you to match that commitment. Uphold values of honesty, respect, patience, and commitment throughout our journey together.

4. Our focus is on transforming your lifestyle, a process that requires time and effort. Please bear in mind that quick fixes are unrealistic, particularly for conditions like Thyroid, PCOS, or Diabetes. Sustainable results come from consistent lifestyle adjustments addressing root causes rather than just symptoms.

5. We encourage you to seek clarification on our recommendations. Each suggestion is based on valid reasoning, and we’re happy to share our knowledge. However, inquiries should remain constructive and not challenge our expertise in an adversarial manner.

6. Our approach prioritises natural healing and inner wellness. While we emphasise natural methods, we might recommend dietary supplements when necessary.

7. You take responsibility for your choices, understanding that we guide but cannot control your adherence to prescribed diets.

8. Payments: Full payment is required at the commencement of the program.

9. We do not guarantee fixed weight loss amounts, like 5, 10, or 20 kilograms. Safe and sustainable weight loss is around 2-3 kilograms or inches per month. Results are lasting if you maintain self-discipline. Our plans are designed for long-term sustainability, reflecting a shift in lifestyle.

10. Upgrades: Program upgrades are allowed within 10 days of the start date. Downgrades are not permissible.

11. Transfers: Programs are non-transferable. Transfers might be considered due to medical or urgent reasons, subject to evidence. Transfer fees apply.

12. Breaks: Continuity is encouraged for effective diet and lifestyle changes. While breaks are not encouraged, they might be allowed due to exceptional circumstances. Maximum break periods depend on the program duration.

13. Missed appointments: If you miss an appointment, it’s your responsibility to reschedule.

14. Refunds: Our No Refund policy applies once payment is made due to the nature of our services.