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Wellness Nutrition
Proper nutritional guidance considering your body…
Medical Nutrition Therapy
A therapeutic diet chart is made explicitly by experienced…
Weight Management
To lose weight, you need to have a balanced diet and a regular exercise…
Corporate Nutrition Program
With this program, each employee’s health is optimized…
School Nutrition Program
A school nutrition program is a program that provides food and nutrition services..
Online Consultation
Online consultation is a convenient and affordable way to get…
Hospital Dietetic Department
We are experts setting up hospital dietetic …
Sports Nutrition Services
A sports nutrition program is a plan that helps athletes…
RD Examination
Revision classes are conducted for PG students appearing…
Sehat+ Academia  
Being a faculty member of various reputed institutions…
My Life Coach
Trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, and Crystal Healing…
Sehat+ Health Transformation Package
Why Subscribe Sehat+
It is a health transformation package for online and offline clients who will be provided with services specific to their disease condition, following authentic medical nutrition therapy guidelines ,given by a well qualified Clinical Nutritionist team of Sehat Plus, in the most systematic format ,as per chosen susbscription package. Results will be outstanding and can help in total health transformation of the clients in a specific time period.
Vector1020Nutrition Screening
Vector1020Free e-pdf related to all medical conditions
Vector1020Health Transformation Goal -SMART Goal
Vector102024*7 Support by Sehat Plus dieticians through whatsapp
Vector1020Personalized MNT guidelines.
Starter Package

1 month : (3 Sessions)
8000/ + GST

Learn to make healthy food choices
Free E-PDF
Advanced Package
6 months :(18 Sessions)
45000/+ GST
Personal Whatsapp group with Sehat plus team
Maintenance Diet Plan
Basic Package

3 months : (12 Sessions) 30000/ + GST

Reverse deficiencies
Healthy Skin and Gut
Personalized whatsapp group with Sehat plus team
Yearly Package

12 months : (36 Sessions) 90000/+GST

Helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle
Maintenance Diet Plan
Personalized Whatsapp group with Sehat plus team
Our Success Stories
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Anirudh Kale 11 Kg Weight Loss in 3 months Before starting i was skepticle about the difficult journey but the simple and easy to follow diet charts, no fancy/artificial suppliments started yeilding quick results motivated me to follow it further. Best part of Dr. Ambika’s diet chart is you don’t feel craving for food, in past 3 months at many occasions i went away from prescribed diet plan but still contunued to loose the weight. The trick she suggested kept me on track on weight loss journey. Dr. Ambika’s weight loss guidance not only helped me reduce weight but it improved my overall lifestyle, changed my way at looking the food. Dr. Ambika has got a very humble and caring staff who keeps motivating throughout the journey. Many thanks to Ambika mam and staff .
Bhagyashree Deshpande Reduced 27 Kg and gained lost confidence back I thank Dr. Ambika Nair mam and her staff at Sehat+ clinic. The way she motivated me and explained all the details with personal care not only helped me reduced the weight but helped me gained my lost confidence. Also I managed to reduce the number of tablets from 3 tabblets twice a day to 2 tablets a day. The best part is all this she managed to do in a natural way with zero medicines and not very costly way with all the sources easily available at home. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Dr. Ambika Nair, and the full staff of sehat+ Clinic.
Rajesh Kumar 23 Kg Weight Loss in 10 months Facing multiple health problems after barrietic surgery fortunately I consulted Dr. Ambika Nair and started getting treatment from her. Within few months I started seeing positive results & started reducing weight regularly. Dr. Ambika suggested diets in a phased manner which were easy to follow and was mix of natural and modern science diet. As a result I lost 23 kgs in just 10 months. My BP and diabetic medicines reduced drastically. Dr Ambika is very humble and easy going person. She is very punctual and pays attention to your small details She gives enough time to her patients and she is flexible too. I’m very grateful and thank her from bottom of my heart.
Nihar Trivedi Lost 14 kg in 4 Months Dr. Ambika Nair was my consultant dietician when I was admitted to Jupiter hospital Pune after diagnosing for erosive duodenitis. After her consultation I realize what was wrong inn my diet and how I could correct it. Dr. Ambika Nair has put me on a diet that was not different from my routine food but just Jowar and Ragi/Nachni replaced the wheat, milk was replaced by protein powder, and breakfast was added. After 4 months I have reduced around 14kg of weight, which resulted really positive on my BMI chart and I can now proudly have my before/after pic. I really want to thank Dr. Ambika Nair for her guidance and help me achieve my goals.
Our Achievements
All India topper in Registered Dietitian Exam
Topped the RD exam held by All India Topper in Registered Dietitian exam held by Indian Dietetic Association in June 2009 in the first attempt with distinction marks.
All India topper in Registered Dietitian Exam
First Rank while pursuing B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics from Anna Adarsh College for women; Chennai.
Panel Advisor with renowned international brands
Panel advisor for Unilever (Horlicks Protein plus), Nucgnex pharmaceuticals, GeneClinicX, IDA etc.
Certified Diabetic Educator
UK Certified Diabetic Educator.
Corporate Nutritionist
Associated with many corporates like Xoriant Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Certified NLP Coach
Certified NLP Coach (NLP AND EFT LEVEL -3 MATRIX Practitioner, BFT, REBT and CBT Therapist) and Counselor.

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It is always helpful to check your health and anthropometric measurements to check health conditions.
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05 May, 2022
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