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A healthy lifestyle is essential for each & every person, why wait for the disease.
We plan a gradual shift in diet & lifestyle that fits your schedule with easy home remedies. With a little dedication from your side YES you will be able to do it.
In First consultation we take your nutrition screening, body composition analysis, biochemical assessment, diet recall, consultation, foods allowed and restricted, and you get your first diet chart accordingly.
Supplements will be given only if you have any vitamin, mineral, protein deficiency.
We begin with a complete body and lifestyle analysis and then prescribe you a diet that is right for you. We keep a check on your progress and how the diet is working for you by periodical follow ups and assessments and accordingly tweak your diet plan and prescribe what works for you. We motivate them on a daily basis.
You are unique. Each body is different with a different genetic constitution and metabolism. Depending on your personal targets we suggest you the time that may be required.
We promise that if you are dedicated, follow our diet plans & advice; RESULTS will follow.

Follow-up is required for regular monitoring and assessing health improvement.

Consistency is the key to success. Once you complete your term with me I will give you a Maintenance Diet which is holistic, culture friendly and easy to follow. If you follow this then you will never go wrong and the weight will never come back
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Yes, you need to prior book your appointment.

Your tailor-made diet plan will be mailed to you immediately after the Consultation.
One diet plan is to be followed for 8 days, during this period if you have any queries or issues, you can contact us on the details provided and we will address it.
Our easy-to-follow flexible diets allow you to enjoy & still follow the program.
We make sure that the food given is something you can easily manage in your life and lifestyle, you won't be eating or cooking anything that you cannot manage or sustain.
No. We plan your diet considering all nutrition requirements, we ensure that you lose weight but not your health. Your intake of foods will be rich in Vitamin C and Antioxidants, which otherwise are not present in many day-to-day diets.
Yes, we use Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to treat a variety of chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and kidney disease. MNT is a type of nutrition counselling that is provided by a registered dietitian (RD).